designer glasses frames

Our store caters to all your eyecare and fashion needs, offering various products:–

• Clear & coloured contact lenses, prescription & non-prescription.

• Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses

• Sports & safety eyewear for swimming, golfing, shooting, waters sports.

• Kids frames

There are a number of lens add-ons that can improve both the look and function of your glasses:

• Anti-Reflection Coatings minimize glare (for example from the computer), improve night driving, and improve the cosmetic appearance of the frame by making the lenses very clear. This type of coating can also be helpful to cataract patients who usually experience increased sensitivity to glare.

• Photochromic lenses (Transitions and other brands) are designed to provide sun protection. These lenses darken when you are in the sun and become clear as you go indoors.

• Tints provide protection from sunlight and are also very helpful for a number of sporting activities. For example, yellow tints improve contrast and preserves sharpness – good for tennis players on a cloudy day or when playing indoors.

• Polarized lenses are used in sunglasses to reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as on the water surface at the beach or the hood of a car. Light reflected from such surfaces will be horizontally polarized instead of being scattered in all directions the way normal light rays are. Polarized lenses contain a filter designed to block this glare.

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