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The service at Optical Elements is always a pleasant one. I will continue to recommend persons to visit with Dr. McDonald and her staff.

Natoya Todd

You guys are doing well I don’t see anything that needs to be changed.

Matthew Green

Overall very good impression. Would recommend friends!

Nordin Lars

This was my second visit to your office. My first visit was last year when I took my dad
for an examination. He is enthused and told me that’s his preferred choice. My personal experience was excellent, you can feel assured that your optical is the place of choice. Thank you for being so professional.

Allison Hughes

I have an overall great experience each visit, therefore I would change nothing.

Latoya Harris

My visit was tremendously great. I was really impressed. Keep up the outstanding performance to you and your team. NB. The Security at the door was also exceptional.

Althea Leon

My first time there and it was great.

Mia Distant

The visit was quite pleasant. The staff remembered me by face and name, which made me feel welcome. They were also pleasant, professional and efficient.

Patrice Taylor

I was very pleased the treatment received from the staff. They were courteous and professional and understood my needs.

Lincoln Downer

Just a call away I was late for my appointment and was unable to call to state this delay. I received a phone call from the young lady at the front desk (forgive me I do not remember names well, but I think her name starts with a K). And this service left me in awe. She was courteous and sounded concerned for my absence and I must say that I appreciated this service. Please do keep it up as such calibre of customer service is rare.


The ladies at the front desk are wonderful. Very friendly and helpful. It would be nice to have a little sign for the difference brands at each section.

C.J. (15558)

Your service is all exceptional second to none. It has always been a pleasure to do business with you. Dr. McDonald you are the best!!

C.C. (6970)

Honestly there is nothing to change. The atmosphere is great the hospitality superb. I am pleased to have chosen Optical Element.

E.C. (12685)

Always great visiting your office. Very warm, professional and consultative assistance that’s makes the process of testing and selecting eye/eyewear that much easier.

F.C. (7008)

Consistently excellent. Service with a smile.

H.J. (16460)

I was running late for my appointment and the team was so accommodating even when I was stressing about being late and spoiling the Dr. McDonald’s daily plans. I was so grateful.

M.S. (13601)

My visit was very pleasant and accommodating . Corey placed the icing on the cake. Front desk receptionist very pleasant, patient and helpful.

M.L. (13050)

I felt at home, a very warm and friendly environment yet professional at the same time. Lovely staff.

S.M. (7873)

Very good.

S.P. (3412)

The service as well as the ambiance were great. The staff was courteous and knowledgeable, keep up the great job. I will most definitely refer my friends. The only thing I can think of that needs improving just now is your presence on social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

S.L. (2263)

My last visit was great. I came in before my appointment because I took my son to the doctor and we were accommodated.

W.M. (7423)

It was a great visit as usual. Just keep being awesome.

W.J. (12928)

The Customer Service Representative where well informed about product, friendly, encouraging, kind and patient. Excellent group. May God continue to bless them.

W.J. (13493)

My visit was fine , thanks. The only thing I hope for is that in the near future a specialist (an opthalmologist ) joins the team at Optical Elements. Keep up the good work!


My visit was professional as always. Every time I visit I feel welcome. I would still like to know what Corey does to get my glasses so clean. I am happy about the email appointment .. It shows that you are moving with technology. Keep up the great job!!!


The eye exam was very thorough! The most detailed eye exam I have ever had!

Demi Dinham

This has been hands down the best experience in eye care I’ve had. A huge Thanks for the Excellent and Epic service.

Amayo Bryan

Lotoya and Tanish were pleasant and helpful, and Dr. McDonald was professional in her work. To this day, this is best eye exam I have ever done. All areas of my eyes were checked, and I am happy with the results.

Your staff is excellent. I’m always at home there. They are very good at what they do and they helped me find my pair really fast without making me feel that I didn’t try on enough. Their personalities are perfect, don’t let them go! You have a nice selection of glasses.

Jeneil Chang

My visit was awesome. Nice, friendly workers and the Dr. was exceptional and friendly as well. I really enjoyed my visit.

Roshae Gordon

Honestly your doing an excellent job. Very professional team and manager. Keep up the great work and continue doing your very best. I bid you all God speed.

Mia Clarke

I am quite satisfied with the current offerings. Keep up the good work.

Kady-Ann Rowe