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our core services

Adult Annual Comprehensive Eye Examination

Adult Annual Contact Lens Fitting

Adult Annual Comprehensive Exam + Contact Lens Fitting

Pediatric Annual Comprehensive Eye Examination

A  strong foundation for healthy eyes

Our core services provide the foundation for eye health and are complemented by a variety of premium products and offerings, including blue light protective technology. Our in-house experts prescribe and fit glasses and contact lenses (including coloured contacts).

Annual eye care exams are critical for eye disease and injury prevention. We can help you identify and address eye conditions, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy, and conjunctivitis.

what people say about opticalelements

Doreen M.

Optical Elements will always be my go-to eye care facility. Dr. McDonald and her team provide the very best in personalised care, professionalism, and a most classy and beautiful environment. There's a sense of coming home!

Winston J.

Dr. McDonald was pleasant and professional and was patient with me as I sought to determine which view was clearest. I felt understood and heard. Her range of frames are contemporary and stylish and very affordable. I recommend her confidently.

Sitting on a Bench

Natalia M.

I was blown away by the service I received here. Amazing front desk staff and the doctor was super gentle, professional, and very attentive. I've been wearing glasses for years and tested my eyes at several different places, this is by far the best place ever.

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